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LumoPro LP160 Quad-Sync Manual Flash

Our Part Number : LUM7160
Manufacturer Part Number : LP160
Barcode : 088000116006
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Quick Overview

- Quad-sync flash
- Twice the power of the LP120

Discontinued and Out of Stock
Manufacturer: Lumopro

Availability: Call or email for stock status

Price: $179.99
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The LP160 Quad-sync flash builds on the success of previous models, like the LP120, giving amateur and professional photographers even more features. Today's digital photographers are looking for powerful, small flashes that are reasonably priced and well constructed. The LP160 is the flash that delivers the power, features and price point to meet that need.

As with previous projects, LumoPro crowd-sourced the additional features from the Strobist® community, a popular online group of photographers devoted to working with small, battery powered flashes. This creative and sophisticated group led the developers to create the tool to meet the demand.

Improvements included in this new model are impressive and built to fit the needs of today's working photographers. The LP160 features twice the power and quicker recycling for faster shooting. The Full to 1/64th power setting and digital optical slave make the flash more usable under low light situations. A 7degree tilt, metal hot-shoe, electronic zoom, and improved body construction add to the long list of features for professionals.

All other features from the popular LP120 are present, including the Optical slave, PC and Miniphone syncro ports, and manual power adjustments. The power output of the LP160 is equivalent to the top of the line flashes from camera manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon.

An exciting new feature will allow even more integration with existing flash systems.The new digital optical slave will ignore a single 'pre-flash' - a common feature of TTL flashes for obtaining exposure information. This important addition enables photographers to manually control the LP160, in conjunction with their TTL flashes, without transmitting a TTL signal or exposure information, or having the LP160 fire when the pre-flash activates. This function will work when you have a TTL flash on your camera or when using the built-in on-camera flash.

Note for Canon DSLR users:
If you are using your built-in, on-camera flash to trigger an LP160, make sure Wireless mode is turned off.You can use either E-TTL or Manual settings to trigger the flash.

NOTE: The ability to use this feature in conjunction with a camera manufacturer's proprietary Master / Slave wireless technology will be dependent on the camera and flash used as well as the firmware applied to those units.  The below chart demonstrates our findings.

LumoPro LP160 with Camera Manufacturer Master / Slave TTL Configurations
This chart details results when using the camera manufacturers proprietary TTL Master / Slave technology only. The limitations identified only exist when using these technologies. There are no known issues with triggering your flash via normal TTL or manual modes.
CameraFirmwareMasterSlaveLP160 Result
Canon 60D1.0.5580EXII430 EX IIIn 'S' mode, syncs EXCEPT on full power.
Canon 7D1.2.3 (current)580EXII430 EX IIWill not sync
Canon 5D2.0.4 and 2.0.8580EXII430 EX IIWill not sync
Canon T2i1.0.8580EXII430 EX IIWill not sync
Nikon D300sA, B 1.01SB-900SB-700In 'S' mode, syncs EXCEPT on full power.
Nikon D700A 1.02, B 1.02SB-900SB-700In 'S' mode, syncs EXCEPT on full power.
Nikon D3100A 1.0, B 1.0, L 1.002SB-900SB-700Full function in 'Si' mode
Nikon D90A, B, L 1.00SB-900SB-700Full function in 'Si' mode
Nikon D7000A 1.01, B 1.01, L 1.002SB-900SB-700Full function in 'Si' mode
Sony A2901Pop-upHVL-F58AMIn 'S' mode syncs below 1/2 power.
Sony A3901Pop-upHVL-F58AMIn 'S' mode syncs below 1/2 power.

Guide number:
140 (at ISO 100, feet) (Equivalent to Nikon SB-900 and Canon 580 EX II)
Remote function:
Optical Slave, Digital Optical Slave, PC syncro port, miniphone (3.5mm) port
Standard ISO, screw lock, single pin, metal construction
Power settings:
Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
Zoom Settings:
24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 85, 105mm
Wide-angle adapter:
270 degrees
187degrees, -7degree tilt for macro photography
Flash ready light:
LED front and back
Minimum Recycling Time, Full power:
4 seconds with AA Ni-MH
Power source:
4 type AA batteries, Including Alkaline-manganese, Lithium, NiMH.
Optional Power Supply 3rd party:
Quantum Battery 1+, 1C and 2 with MB5
Dimensions (flat):
Aprox. 2.6 x 3.1 x 7.2 in. (66 x 79 x 183 mm)
12.8oz (0.8lbs, 362grams)
Supplied accessories:
Wide-angle diffuser, Miniphone to PC syncro cable, flash stand.
2 years from date of purchase through authorized LumoPro dealers.
Flash Duration:

t.5 : 1/1200
t.1 : 1/450

t.5 : 1/1300
t.1 : 1/950

t.5 : 1/2650
t.1 : 1/2250

t.5 : 1/4750
t.1 : 1/3700

t.5 : 1/9100
t.1 : 1/6050

t.5 : 1/18200
t.1 : 1/9450

t.5 : 1/27800
t.1 : 1/13150

Below are the items included with this product

  1. LumoPro LP160 Manual Flash x 1
  2. Wide-angle diffuser x 1
  3. Miniphone to PC syncro cable x 1
  4. Flash stand x 1
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Customer Reviews
Very pleased
Review by Mary  -   (Posted on 9/21/12)

I have six of these now purchased for hummingbird photography. Recycle really fast so far ver happy with them. Only neg is the are hard to lock down on flash stand.

Ain't pretty but it's a work horse
Review by R Mac  -   (Posted on 9/11/12)

Have had mine for about a year and use it constantly, never had a single problem. I have dropped it in mud, and had it fall off a stand and land on a rock, didn't effect the light what so ever.

Good Till It Wasn't Good
Review by Nicholas G  -   (Posted on 8/27/12)

The LumoPro LP160 offers everything it says it does. Mine, however, worked for only a handful of portrait sessions. It never fell and was only triggered wirelessly. I never fired at full power. Then, suddenly, the LumoPro would turn on, ready to fire, but would not fire. Neither the test button, nor hotshoe or wirless trigger could fire it. It just... well... stopped working for no reason at all. I'm reluctant to buy another one due to the unpredictable unreliability of the flash. Very disappointed.

-MPEX Note: "Adam (adam [at] mpex.com) will be happy to arrange a replacement for you. These flashes are covered under a 2 year warranty.

For $160 yes it's fully worth it.
Review by czechphotoguy  -   (Posted on 8/13/12)

If you think you are going to get features on this flash that normally are on ones priced betweeen $400-550 get a different flash. Plain and simple, you get a lot of nice features for not a lot of money.

If you are going to use this as a primary flash you might want to look elsewhere. It will work, but it's main strength is as a manual slave and if you are looking for that you have found a gem!

Think about it you get not only one but two syncing jacks on the side of it that are reserved for units that are twice the price.

The optical sync modes have never failed me in the short time that I used them. As a test I placed them in two other separate rooms (around a corner for each) and had the sensors pointing in the direction of each other and stood in another room and fired off my SB-900 and not once did they not fire as I had two other people in those rooms confirming.

David Hobby swears by them paired up with his SB-800's (watch his lighting in layers DVD's and you will hear his love for them).

Only thing I can say negatively is pitch the included hot shoe foot as it's going to keep only a toy army man stabalized at most.

I have (5) SB-900's and when I heard about them (and now that I have used them) I plan on purchasing another (2) and I will never have a problem putting them out in the field.

I have yet to experience the hot shoe issues others have been talking about. But I mount these to the Frio cold shoes and will pair them with Pocketwizards if I need to have them really far away.

OK, Im done preaching...


Very Satisfied
Review by Wolfmann Creations  -   (Posted on 8/11/12)

Received the flash a couple of days ago and it is what I'd hoped for. Good solid manual flash.

GREAT for the price
Review by supraman215  -   (Posted on 7/25/12)

As for the rating system on these reviews, price and value are almost the same measure.

Anyway, functionality is the only thing lacking on this flash. Extremely annoying to have to hit the power button 6 times to go down one stop. Same with the head zoom adjustment.

Refresh speed and power are great. Refresh speed is near instant on 1/4 and lower. At full power it's definitely the 4 full seconds as specified. Build quality is great. TONS of light.

good but there are issues
Review by chaim01  -   (Posted on 7/24/12)

I agree with some of the reviews. I have missed important shots even though the flash is in the hot shoe. It has to be taken out and put back in. Also sometimes the flash resets itself to FP, This only happens off camera.

Greeat Flash but...
Review by JJ  -   (Posted on 6/14/12)

Wonderful, fantastic flash operation. Love these lights. I recommend them over the Canon Speedlight series EVERY time someone asks me about what flash to buy, for operation, but especially for the value ( I have 2). Optical slaves work perfectly, much better than many monolights out there. Only 3 stars on quality though, as the hotshoe mount does not hold well, and wears over time, slipping in the hotshoe and losing connection. One of my units will no longer hold at all, and I have to use gaffer's tape to keep it on the off camera mount.

Best value!
Review by Steve L  -   (Posted on 5/16/12)

I use 3 of these in optical sync mode as fill, rim, hi-key, room , , list goes on and on. Easy to use, optical sync never misses a beat, and plays well with TTL preflash and studio strobes. MPE has spare parts, and Quantum makes adapter for portable power.

LOVE This Flash
Review by Don L  -   (Posted on 5/1/12)

I'm about to purchase my second LP160 and plan to buy at least two more in the very near future! One would be crazy to pass these up, especially at their price and fantastic light output. They're very simple to use and they've never misfired for me, I HIGHLY recommend them!

Love these things. They go all over Africa with me.
Review by Bob  -   (Posted on 2/9/12)

Im a huge fan of these bad boys. They are so cheap in comparison to TTLs and they get the job done. I own several and take them all over Africa with me.

Here is a shot of one of them getting pulverized in a market in Uganda.


Amazing Modern Manual Flash
Review by Davis D  -   (Posted on 11/21/11)

I just got my LP160 to replace a broken SB600. WOW, this thing pumps out the light compared to the little SBs. Great build quality too, it's not nearly as creaky as my little SB600, which always felt a bit fragile.

Excellent value
Review by Danny M  -   (Posted on 11/21/11)

I got this as a holiday gift last season. I love the feature set and value for the price. The only reason I took off a star for the quality is the hot shoe. It doesn't lock in as securely as I would like it to. It hasn't fallen off but I'm very mindful of it possibly slipping out. I was thinking of rigging a small piece of rubber between the shoe and flash to make sure it doesn't slip out. Another issue is once in a while it doesn't fire and I have to unmount and reset the power on it. Even if I press the manual flash button it doesn't fire so its not a hot shoe issue. This hasn't happened often so its not a big problem for me.

Great for Portraits
Review by paul  -   (Posted on 11/14/11)

I have had my LP 160s for about a year, and have produced very professional looking portraits with them. For the value, these are a must in anyone's arsenal. I have been able to take better portraits than photographers that have visited my school. I plan on buying 2 more LP 160s in the future to use as background and hair lights. I love the portability.

Easy, Effective, & Hard Working
Review by AndyM  -   (Posted on 10/14/11)

I've used an LP160 for about 6 months while photographing off road motorcycle races. My 160 has been bounced around in the bag, knocked to the ground, dusted, and rained on. I had to use it once in the pouring rain and it performed flawlessly while my 430 and 285 didn't. It's simple to adjust and it just works.

Best manual flash on the market.
Review by Noah  -   (Posted on 10/1/11)

Every hotshot flash in my kit is one of these. They're the toughest, most reliable, most robust flashes I've ever used.

Must have for your bag
Review by Charles Tibbs  -   (Posted on 9/20/11)

I have several of these flashes and absolutely love them, they are super powerful and match my SB-900. The 2 slave modes work flawlessly, have never had an issue with them misfiring even in bright daylight.


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