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ColorMunki Photo

Our Part Number : GRE1051
Manufacturer Part Number : CMUNPH
Barcode : 7640111922001
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- Innovative new way to bring your photos from screen to print with color perfection
- Delivers new technological features for display, projector and RGB/CMYK printer profiling
- LCD & Laptop Calibration
Manufacturer: X-Rite

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ColorMunki Photo is the innovative new way to bring your photos from screen to print with color perfection. Ideal for wedding, social, portrait photographers or any passionate advocate, this color control solution delivers new technological features for display, projector and RGB/CMYK printer profiling. It's also loaded with new color creation and communication tools that allow you to grab colors from virtually anywhere, including your entire image library, preview your color palettes under different light sources and even preview for PrintSafe production under a variety of different printing methods. You'll now be able to send your images to your clients with a new level of confidence that they are viewed in a calibrated environment with the DigitalPouch communication tool. All this delivered in an all-in-one integrated solution with a streamlined interface, making the most of your digital workflow. ColorMunki is your new best friend.

  • All-in-One spectrophotometer means no separate devices needed to profile your displays and printers. The white calibration tile is integrated, so nothing to lose or match up to your device. Includes a protective bag which doubles as an integrated monitor holder û no cumbersome accessories needed. It truly is your do everything, go everywhere solution!
  • Calibrate with ease
    ColorMunki lets you swing perfectly from screen to print with quick, easy, and accurate display-to-print match. Software guides you through whichever profiling function you desire. Select ômatch my printer to my display and you'll be completely guided through the profiling process for both your display and your printer. Or you can easily jump right to display, projector or printer profiling.
  • LCD & Laptop Calibration
    With both easy and advanced mode, you'll master the color jungle in a snap. Easy mode has predetermined selections, so you don't need to be a color expert. For those looking for more control over whitepoint or ambient measurements, choose the advanced mode. Our DDC auto detect control will quickly determine if your monitor is compliant and if so, perform one button display profiling. ColorMunki can calibrate multiple displays with ease and provides before and after visualization, as well as calibration reminder prompts.
  • Projector Profiling
    Tired of making excuses for your projected images? Your display is right, but your audience sees something different? Utilizing the same profiling technology for your display, your ColorMunki will give you fast and accurate projector profiles so you can project your images to your client, family or friends with color confidence!
  • Printer Profiling
    Complete color control and optimized printer profiling make sure the color you see is the color you get.
    New RGB and CMYK printer profiling technology delivers outstanding printer profile quality. You simple scan one test chart of 50 patches, ColorMunki calculates an interim profile and learns how your printer behaves for these colors. It then produces a second chart that perfects your profile once you scan it. It even has the ability to optimize for specific colors, black & white, and flesh tones from individual image types.
    And the best part is there is no need to read individual color patches. ColorMunki's superfast scanning can rapidly measure test charts in less than one minute!
    Want to know what to do with your profile after you create it? No worries. With AppSetÖ, ColorMunki talks with your photo and design applications to automate printer profile setting.
  • Create With Power
    ColorMunki lets the possibilities run wild. Bring your vision to life capturing colors from virtually anywhere and enhance your editing creativity!
    Put your image library at your fingertips and automatically extract colors from any image. ColorMunki automatically extracts the top colors or you can go directly into your image and add any color to your palette. So easy.
    The world is jumping with inspiration. ColorMunki lets you grab any color form the visible spectrum you quickly and accurately capture spectral color from any surface and import directly into your photo and design applications.
    Create and manage custom color palettes. And with ColorMunki's new PrintSafe checking capabilities, you'll be able to preview your color palettes under different lighting sources or printing processes before you go to production.
  • Communicate Effortlessly
    ColorMunki goes bananas for details. Beauty is in the shadows, highlights, and balance. So no matter how you show your work, the world will see exactly what you want.
    Share you images with confidence with DigitalPouch, a self-executable application that checks for ViewSafe conditions on the receiver side. Simply drag and drop the images you want to transport into the pouch and ôzipö it up to send. The receiver will be able to view the images in the same application viewing screen, while the application looks for and verifies that an accurate, up-to-date monitor profile is in use. No need for the receiver to own ColorMunki software to view.
Pentium 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Core Duo, AMD Athlon XP; PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, Intel Mac
Operating System:
Windows XP (32/64-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), 7 (32/64-bit); Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6
512MB (1GB recommended)
Hard Drive:
1024 x 768 with 16-bit video card
DVD-ROM drive, Powered USB port, Internet connection for updates, Network card, Broadband Internet for online services
QuickTime 7 (Mac)
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